Wrapping Up the Insane MLB Trade Deadline

If you followed  @hippelsportshub on Thursday, you know it was a busy day.  Covering the 2014 MLB Trade Deadline from my iPhone on I-35 in parts of Minnesota, Iowa, Missouri and Kansas was the oddest combination of dullness and action.  Twitter blowing up, Ken Rosenthal and Jon Heyman having all the latest trades from a crazy day.  Unlike last year, where speculation ran high, and almost nothing happened, this year’s deadline provided big names and blockbuster trades.  It will certainly make a impact in the playoffs. Teams who are sitting in Wild Card spots will be boosted, and teams who made dumb moves will suffer the consequences.  I will go through all the trades that took place Thursday, and how they will impact the playoff race.

Oakland Gets- Jon Lester, Jonny Gomes and Cash

Boston Gets- Yoenis Cespedes, Draft pick

Thoughts- Billy Beane makes another huge move.  It’s a win-win trade for both sides. However, it could be fatal for Oakland.  Lester is a free agent this Winter. He stated he wants to return to Boston if traded.  If this happens, the A’s get Lester for two months, and lose him and Cespedes to Boston.  To counter, the A’s could make the World Series, and this trade looks great in the faces of A’s fans.  All A’s fans woke up to a shock Thursday morning. The trade happened around 8:30 AM.  It saddened the A’s nation, but most think it will pan out.

Oakland Gets- Sam Fuld

Minnesota Gets- Tommy Milone

Thoughts-SP Tommy Milone wasn’t happy when he was sent down to Triple A. Demanding a trade, he got his wish Thursday when A’s swinged him for OF Sam Fuld. Fuld a 7-year veteran and former Athletic, could replace Cespedes in the outfield.

Boston Gets- Allen Craig, Joe Kelly

St.Louis Gets- John Lackey

Thoughts- I love how Boston is going to look next year. Allen Craig has had a poor year, but he can explode at anytime and is clutch.  Joe Kelly, another bum year, but has a super fastball, and a fast sinker.  Kelly is young, and will replace one of the many pitchers the Red Sox traded away.  Notice how I’m not talking about the what St.Louis got, because I hate the trade on their part.  They gave away too much.  Lackey, who’s 35, and in decline, has had a good season, and is definitely a short term move by the Cardinals.

Milwaukee Gets- Gerardo Parra

Arizona Gets- Mitch Haniger, Anthony Banda

Thoughts- Arizona wasn’t as big as sellers as I expected them to be.  They did trade OF Parra to the Brewers for Minors.  The move was more about the Brewers getting what they need for a playoff push.

Seattle Gets- Chris Denorfia

San Diego Gets- Abraham Almonte, Stephen Kohlscheen

Thoughts- Seattle needed a bat, and they ended up getting two (more on that later).  Denorfia will probably play some Center since Endy Chavez has Right. Denorfia is mostly about the bat, which Seattle wanted.  James Jones is currently playing Center, and he really steals bases, that’s about it.

Washington Gets- Asdrubal Cabrera

Cleveland Gets- Zach Walters

Thoughts- CBS Sports called this a minor trade.  Really? Asdrubal Cabrera is a big name.  I honestly thought the Giants were going to snag him. They ended up being quiet. Anyways, Washington will pay him at 2B since Ian Desmond plays SS.  Cabrera has dipped in his defensive play, and is struggling offensively, but playing for a better team might swing his season.

Baltimore Gets- Andrew Miller

Boston Gets- Eduardo Rodriguez

Thoughts-  Boston sold three pitchers, including Miller.  Miller has been great the past couple years out of the bullpen.  He knew he was gonna get traded. His value was high because he is a free agent this Winter.  Miller will be added to a weaker bullpen, but their Closer Zach Britton is very underrated.


Tampa Bay Gets- Drew Smyly, Nick Franklin, Willy Adames

Seattle Gets- Austin Jackson

Detroit Gets- David Price

Thoughts- 3rd Blockbuster of the day happened nine minutes before the deadline. It was the one we were anticipating. The fact Austin Jackson got pulled during the game was kinda ridiculous.  It must of sucked to have your manager tell you your traded during the game. Shouldn’t be like that. Anyways, Detroit’s rotation is scary. I can’t believe I forgot about them in the running for Price.  Watch out, they could easily be in the Fall Classic again.

New York Yankees Get- Stephen Drew 

Boston Gets- Kelly Johnson

Thoughts- The Yankees got Chase Headley a while back from San Diego. So trading Kelly Johnson made sense.  Stephen Drew is a very good defensive player, and with Derek Jeter retiring, it’s not a long-term solution, however Drew mostly plays 2B, where the Yankees could use him.

New York Yankees Get- Martin Prado

Arizona Gets- Peter O’Brien

Thoughts- Arizona continued to sell, and the Yankees continued to buy.  Prado was one of the most likely Diamondbacks to get moved, so it wasn’t a shock.  The Yankees made the move for hitting, which they need.  The moves the Yankees made a focused on their playoff push, which will be tough, but with their additions, it will make it easier.

Atlanta Gets- Emilo Bonifacio, James Russell

Chicago Cubs Get- Victor Caratini

Thoughts- My god, the Cubs sold so much this deadline. Some of the moves were bargains for some teams! It’s incredible.  We were pretty confident that Bonifacio was gonna get moved. He was benched for the fact, and the Giants (again) were the front runners.  The Braves are in a division battle with the Nationals, and this move will contribute to their run.

Miami Gets- Jared Cosart, Austin Wates, Enrique Hernandez

Houston Gets- Jake Marisnick, Frances Martes, Colin Moran, draft pick

Thoughts- The main name in this trade was Jarred Cosart.  This trade is like a blockbuster that has no big names.  The Astros recived many prospects in the deal. They are commited to rebuilding and tanking in the process of it.

It was a crazy day with big names on the move.  These moves will surely affect the playoff race, as Baseball enters it home-stretch.


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