Ray Rice Pays the Price, Well, Sort of

We don’t exactly know what happened in that Atlantic City casino in New Jersey between Ray Rice and his then fiancé. We’ve seen the footage, we knew their were going to be consequences.

However, the punishment that NFL handed down to Ray Rice on Thursday was ridiculously weak.  Rice was suspended two games and will not be paid for one of them.  He will be allowed to participate in training camp and pre-season.  Speculation was at least a six game suspension, and possibly eight.  I felt like eight was the right number, giving what the footage obtained by TMZ Sports showed and his indicted on assault charges.  I don’t know what Roger Goodell was thinking.  Either he was scared of over-doing it or he has evidence we don’t.

One of the oddest things that’s came out of this incident is on March 28, Rice and his girlfriend, the unconscious person the video, got married.  This came one day after their indictment. They just ran off and got married like Selena and Chris Perez.  Could this of convinced Roger Goodell to limit the suspension? It’s like a mending thing, I guess.

So how does this affect the Ravens football wise? The Ravens play the Bengals in Week 1 and the Steelers in Week 2, both divisional games.  Both teams have good, run stopping defenses.  It’s most likely Bernard Pierce will start instead of Rice.  The Ravens are a running team, with weapons at WR.  With Rice gone, the Ravens could be throwing the football more in the first two weeks.  The Bengals have a decent secondary, but have a hole at Strong Safety.  In Week 2, the Steelers have a great secondary, which may limit the pass game.  AFC North games are always gut-wrenchers,  it’s a defensive division.

I don’t think it will be a huge loss for the Ravens.  They can throw the football pretty well.  If Rice was suspended for a reasonable amount of time, it would’ve had a deeper impact.

4 thoughts on “Ray Rice Pays the Price, Well, Sort of

  1. Anonymous

    This is really a shame. When Goodell took the job he was considered a tough enforcer and wanted to keep the integrity of the NFL strong. Now this weak suspension for a terrible crime, if he has evidence to prove otherwise it should be made public to make sense of this. Another problem is when this happens again in any form it will be compared the this suspension and it will be hard to ask for a longer suspension. The Ravens could take their own action and add to the suspension but I don’t think they will. Now Stephen A. Smith may have made it worse with his comments. Its just sad.

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