Why the Cavaliers Don’t Need Kevin Love+Rumors and Analysis

Remember when the Celtics were front runners in the Kevin Love sweepstakes? That’s came along way, hasn’t it? At this point in this rumor cyclone that has developed since this previous season’s trade deadline, the best option for the Minnesota Timberwolves is to trade Kevin Love. Minnesota knows that they are not going to be able to keep Love. If he plays with the T’Wolves this season, he will become a free agent, and walk away from the team. It’s not that complicated. Minnesota has nothing to look forward too. They are in a tough Western Conference, and Ricky Rubio is beyond horrid, who is on pace to become the worst shooter in NBA history by FG%.

Minnesota’s best option is too trade him. Reports suggest that the Cavaliers are the front runner, which is very respectable.  However, the Cavaliers don’t necessarily need Kevin Love, and here’s why:

Look, the Cavaliers have three No.1 overall picks on their team in the past 4 years.  Kyrie Irving, Anthony Bennett, and Andrew Wiggins.  Bennett hasn’t turned out as planned, yet.  Kyrie is good, really good, and is getting better.  Lebron, is Lebron.  That’s that.  Honestly, the Cavaliers took Wiggins over Jabari Parker because they thought he was ready. They thought Wiggins was better, and would make a immediate impact.

But since Lebron arrived, it’s more about what he wants. He’s kinda the GM now.  He’s the one who is going to ask for players. It’s his team.  If he wants it, they’ll get it.  Lebron wants Kevin Love. Adding Kevin Love would make the Cavs the easy favorite in the Eastern Conference.  Right now, they, in my opinion, are the best team in the East, ahead of Chicago. Yes, I did just say that. If Derrick Rose is 75% of his 2011 MVP year, the Bulls will be lucky.  You can’t expect him to be anywhere near as good as that year.  Two major knee injuries/surgeries in two consecutive years is rough.  Chicago added Pau Gasol, which is a nice piece, but I don’t think that’s the difference in a championship year, especially at his age.

Sure, the Cavs would be thrilled to add Love.  The hardest part is giving up Wiggins.  They have enough picks stashed to do it without Wiggins, though Dion Waiters would be packaged in.  But maybe it’s no deal without Wiggins for the T’Wolves.  That’s when it gets dicey.  See, if Wiggins lives up to the hype, and becomes great, and Kevin Love plays in Cleveland with Lebron and they don’t win a championship, the trade looks horrendous.  It’s a crapshoot.  You either win multiple championships with Love and Lebron, and Wiggins becomes good, but not as good as expectations, or Wiggins is great, and Lebron and Love don’t win championships.  Here’s the point, If Wiggins meets or beats expectations, Minnesota wins the trade, if Minnesota ends up with him.

The other but unlikely side to this is that the T’Wolves keep Love for the season, and he becomes a free agent.  By this, he can see what Cleveland’s results were during the season, and decide from their. However, the Cavs would have to sign him in free agency, which could create cap problems.  And that wraps up the Cavaliers side of it.

Other teams still believe they have a shot at Love too. (That sounds pretty funny, doesn’t it?)  The Golden State Warriors are fluctuating in&out on their offer, which is rumored to include David Lee, Harrison Barnes, and possibly Klay Thompson, which seems to be the X-Factor in this.  The Warriors sound like they aren’t trading Thompson, which Minnesota demands.  Golden State has the best offer out of anyone.  Minnesota really needs to look at it.  But breaking up the Splash Brothers isn’t only a dumb basketball decision, but from a marketing standpoint, well, their you go, Splash Brothers, it’s a nickname, and it’s marketable.  Love would re-sign their if traded.

Another team, mentioned earlier, are the Chicago Bulls, who have also fluctuated.  The Bulls were in serious talks before Carmelo Anthony opted out.  Then, in their pursuit of Anthony, shot down talks.  When the Bulls lost out on Melo, they re-emerged, and their offer is better than the Cavs, honestly.  The big names in their offer are Taj Gibson and Jimmy Butler, plus reserves.  Kevin Love would also re-sign there. (The only place Love wouldn’t re-sign would be Boston, Denver or Minnesota, most likely).  If Love would be traded to the Bulls, they would be the easy favorite in East, yes, above the Cavs.

And weirdly enough, the Boston Celtics and Denver Nuggets are also in the hunt.  Though both of these seem very unlikely, Denver has a interesting offer.  They would send Aaron Afflao, Kenneth Faried, and Wilson Chandler to Minnesota for Love.  I would think Minnesota would consider it, but the Warriors offer is better.  On the Celtics, it’s not worth it.  At this point, it’s not possible.  The Celtics offer comes no where close to what other teams are offering.

So, my prediction?

Prediction: Kevin Love to the Cavaliers.

They may not need him, but if they keep Wiggins, and are able to get Love, that’s a championship team.

One thought on “Why the Cavaliers Don’t Need Kevin Love+Rumors and Analysis

  1. John Rich

    Great piece and covers all possibilities. I believe the cavs will get Love if for no other reason but to prevent him from going to the Bulls. As a bull’s fan I am still holding out hope Love lands in Chicago.

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