The Unfortunate Retirement of Sidney Rice

In 2009, nobody would’ve thought Sidney Rice would be retired at 27 in 2014. Rice had came off a Pro Bowl season, and helped Brett Farve and the Vikings to the NFC Championship Game. He posted a 83-1312-8 line (REC-YRDS-TD).  Rice was a explosive player and had many 100+ yard games that year.  However, during the game, which the Vikings lost to the World Champion New Orleans Saints, Rice suffered a hip injury, and declined to have surgery in the off season.  Though during training camp, he had the surgery, and was out until November.  When Rice returned, he led the team to wins over the Bills and Eagles later in the year.  In Week 17, he suffered a concussion.  This led to more problems and eventually retirement.

Rice did not re-sign with the Vikings after the 2010-2011 season, and Rice signed with the Seahawks for 5 years, $41 million.  He did not play his first season with Seattle, being placed on IR.  Rice made a huge impact for the Seahawks in 2012, catching game winning TD’s against the Bears and Patroits.  In October of 2013, he tore his ACL, ending his season and career.

Injuries ultimately played a huge role in his retirement.  It’s a total disappointment, because there are teams needy of Wide Receivers, like New England and Carolina.  Rice said “I want to be able function and do things later down the road”.

So, what will Sidney Rice be remebered for?  His massive, back-to-back games that exceeded 150 yards and 2 TD’s.  The time he caught 3 TD’s in a playoff game for an NFL record.  Overall, Sidney Rice, got what he wanted, a ring.

sidney thanks
Picture posted on the Seahawks website


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