2014 MLB All-Star Game Preview

I love the logo. Minneapolis’s skyline is like the Emerald City (sorry Seattle), it’s a bunch of huge buildings in the middle of nowhere!

The 2014 MLB All-Star Game will take place on July 15 at Target Field in Minneapolis.  Since I live in the Twin Cities, I will be in attendance.  So, why not write a preview?

The thing that’s cool about the MLB All-Star game is that it actually means something.  It’s not just a game that’s fun to go to and has the best players. Whichever league wins get home-field advantage in the World Series.  The players try. In NFL, the players don’t try, it doesn’t mean anything, it’s right before the Super Bowl. It’s no fun anymore.  And honestly, in baseball, it’s kinda hard not to try. You can notice if someones not trying, unlike in football.

Let’s start on defense, the AL outfield is stacked, with Mike Trout and Jose Bautista.  While the NL has speed, lots of speed.  Guys who are going lay it out for the ball.  The AL has the advantage, more because of arm strength, not taking anything away from Puig, because his arm is incredible.  The AL has the easy advantage at 3rd base with Josh Donaldson and I’m still confused how Aramis Ramirez got voted in. He missed 22 games!  At shortshop, well Tulo is good, but Jeter, unstoppable.  Tulo had the most NL votes, which made sense with the offensive numbers he’s put up. Moving on to 2nd base, Utley has the advantage over Cano, giving some of the plays he’s made over the past couple of years.  1st base is a tough one, really tough.  Paul Goldschmidt or Miguel Cabrera. Honestly, their’s no way you can go wrong.  You catch the ball at first place, not much else.  At catcher, Yadier Molina was supposed to start, but a injury to his thumb will have him out 8-12 weeks, in what is devastating injury for the Cardinals. In his place, Jonathan Lucroy will start. Salvador Perez (starting in place of the injured Matt Wieters) will start for the AL.

On the offensive side off things, the NL has a lot of gap hitters, who are going to get on base for power-hitters like Goldschmidt, Puig and Stanton. The AL, on the other hand, has so much power. Guys like Cruz, Trout, and Bautista can hit the ball at anytime. The AL lineup has a total of 139 HR’s compared to the NL at 127.

The lineups are listed above.

Felix Hernandez (The King!) will start on the mound for the AL. He deserves it. (11-2, 2.12 ERA, 154 SO, 144.1 innings) Go ahead and try to tell me someone else should start.  On the NL side, their was a competition. Clayton Kershaw and Adam Wainwright have had amazing seasons.  However, Wainwright’s manager is the NL manager, so Wainwright was selected to start. His stats were incredible. (12-4, 1.83 ERA, 115 SO, 138 innings)

Overall, I like the AL roster better than the NL. I will be rooting for the NL though.  If the AL bats are swinging, that will be the difference.

Prediction– AL-6 NL-5




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