The Return of the King

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed Friday morning, watching The Herd on ESPNU, when I saw the Sports Illustrated tweet, “The King is coming home”. At that moment, Colin Cowherd, broke the news, and read the tweet I just saw. The coincidence was incredible.  I had told my Dad the night before, “As much as I want to be right with my Lebron prediction (I had him back to the Heat) “I want him to go back to Cleveland”. “It would be a great and emotional story”.

The way Lebron left the Cavaliers in 2010 was wrong and heartbreaking for the City of Cleveland.  He had been born 40 miles south of town and was the cities’s hero for eight years.  He left for winning. He wanted a championship and he knew that was not possible in Cleveland at the time.  He did, he won two in Miami with the Big 3.  He went to the Finals four straight years with Miami. He had a experience that he never had with the Cavaliers. He won a championships.

He had a choice to return to Miami with Wade and Bosh.  His agent met with other teams. He had all the power. Lebron held every free agent to a standstill. The whole league waited on his decision. Free agents held off until he decided.

And now, on July 11, 2014, Lebron is coming home.  He will join Kyrie Irving, Andrew Wiggins, Dion Waiters, and a new, amazing coach in David Blatt.  Kevin Love could be joining the squad, but lets not get to ahead.  The story is incredible.  Cleveland has alot to look foward to.  In March, the sports scene was terrible. The Cavs had won 33 games. The Browns learned about Josh Gordon’s possible suspension.  A city that hasn’t won a championship in 50 years, now has hope.  Cleveland deserves this.

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