Miami’s Redux



After Lebron James left the Miami Heat for the Cavaliers, Chris Bosh, one of the now past Big 3 members, was expected to go to the Houston Rockets, and join Dwight Howard and James Harden, in what would of became a monster team. Bosh was offered a 4 year, $88 million contract by the Rockets. Houston had traded Jeremy Lin to the Lakers on July 11 in order clear cap space for Bosh. Houston was waiting, like everyone else, for Bosh to sign with them. They had all the specs, and just had to make it official.

Miami, on the other hand, knew that if Lebron left, Bosh would go to Houston. However, Miami didn’t expect Lebron to leave. They felt confident that they had him secured, and that the Big 3 would be together for at least this season.

But when the Heat offered Chris Bosh a 5 year, $118 million in the midst of the media frenzy that took place after Lebron’s second decision, Bosh re-considered, and took the extra money. I feel like Bosh made the wrong decision, because going to Houston would make them a top three team in the Western Conference, and gave him a better chance at another ring. In Miami, it will be Bosh’s team now. He is in his prime, unlike Dwayne Wade, and will be playing with a manifesto of young, un-proven players, and good, but not great, starters who were payed for what they’ve accomplished in the past, or were the face of a franchise and were simply out-played by others. It’s called the Alex Smith Syndrome.

The Heat have also added Luol Deng, a player who is supposed to fill Lebron’s void…. Not sure where that came from.  Deng is a defensive guy who can also score, which is what the Heat are looking for.  But replacing Lebron? Good luck.  As mentioned up top, the Heat added Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger.  I’m still shocked they got Granger at that price (2 yr/$4.2 million). McRoberts made a name for himself last year with the Hornets (Hey, I got it right!), averaging 11.5 PPG and 6.5 REB in the playoffs.  They also locked up Mario Chalmers and Chris Andersen (The Birdman!).

Miami is re-tooling, and expect them to be good next year.  In my opinion, the East has gotten better, not worse. I can’t believe it, I’ve heard people say the East has gotten worse so far through free agency, instead of it being wide open. Nope.  My main example is Cleveland. That’s a non-playoff team last year, and now their going to be contending for the  Eastern Conference this year.

No, the Heat are probably not going to Finals, but they have good 2nd and 3rd tier guys along with Wade and Bosh who will make a impact.  A touch on Wade’s contact, I really believe Miami is being nice to him since Lebron left. If Wade went to a different team, especially a contender, their is no way he makes more than $10 million.

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