NBA Draft Roundup

Isaiah Austin, who suffered a career ending injury just days before the Draft, is drafted by the NBA.

It came as no surprise when Andrew Wiggins was taken No.1 overall by the Cleveland Cavaliers. When Jabari Parker’s name was called next, it was also no surprise. The two most highly recruited and scouted prospects since Lebron James had gone 1 and 2 in the draft. The next pick, Joel Embiid, the projected No.1 overall pick until he broke a bone in his foot, was taken by the 76ers. It may, in 10 years, be the best pick of this draft. Embiid has two scenarios. 1) He becomes Greg Oden 2.0. He is picked, and expected to be the next superstar, and then suffers through many injuries that eventually end his career. 2) Embiid becomes one of the best big men of all time, putting him in the range of Hakeem Olajuwon and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.  He pushes the record books for rebounding and even points. Back and feet injuries are the last things you a big man to have problems with. If he stays healthy, Embiid will be great.

Moving down the line, Marcus Smart, the tempered and talented Point Guard was taken by the Boston Celtics. This leads me to believe that Rajon Rondo may be out in Boston. Watch out for Sacramento to offer for him. Julius Randle, another one of the highly recruited players, was taken after Smart. Randle will play for the Los Angeles Lakers. The Lakers need all the help they can get. He can rebound and get to the rim.

One of the best college basketball players ever, Doug McDermott , was taken by the Denver Nuggets, and then traded him to Chicago. The Bulls need all the offense they can get after failing to score in the Playoffs.  Hopefully a big time free agent will help too.  At No.17, James Young, a very underrated player in this draft, was taken by the Celtics.  I love what the Celtics did in this draft.

At No.24, the Charlotte Hornets picked Shabazz Napier, one of the best players of the year, and leading his team to a national championship.  They later traded him to the Miami Heat, to fit the wants of free agent Lebron James.  The Heat gave up astonishing amount to get Napier.

Hornets receive: PJ Hairston, Semaj Christon, a 2019 2nd round pick, and cash.

Heat receive: Shabazz Napier

With the last pick of the 1st round, the Spurs took Kyle Anderson. A name that was rumored to be a mid-first round pick, slipped to Spurs, where, well, he’s probably gonna figure it out.


Best Draft- Celtics, T-Wolves, Magic, Jazz

Worst Draft- Grizzlies, Kings, any team that didn’t have a pick.

This really was the wrong draft not to have a pick.

SIDE NOTE- Almost every pick in this years 1st round would have gone top 10 in last years.  This shows how great this draft was, and how bad last year’s was.

Best Steal

  • Gary Harris
  • Shabazz Napier
  • Rodney Hood


  • Cleanthony Early
  • Glenn Robinson lll
  • Nick Johnson

SIDE NOTE- Congrats to Isaiah Austin. The NBA selected him right after the 14th pick. Isaiah suffered a career ending injury just days before the draft. Isaiah was diagnosed with Marfan Syndrome, which ended his pursuit of a NBA career. In my opinion, Isaiah was going to go mid-first round.  He was also trying to become the first partially blind NBA player.

There’s no way to tell yet where this draft will rank all-time. It will probably be top 5. I won’t be surprised if it becomes 3rd best behind 2003 and 1984.

Now let the Free Agent Frenzy begin!


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