Welcome to the Hub

My name is Hunter Hippel. I am 13 years old and a passionate sports fan.  I’ve been told I know to much. My friends say I’m a encyclopedia.
That’s why I’m here. Writing about sports. The inspiration? I like to express my feelings. I like all sports. I feel like it’s my job to like all sports. If you like one, you like it all. Your a sports fan or your not. Recognize that? Yea, I know. The Sports Guy, Bill Simmons says that.
It’s true. Sports all tie together. It doesn’t matter what kind of job you have in the world of sports. Me? What do I want to do? Write, host a podcast, do radio, maybe TV.  I thought I’d better start early.

Let’s lay some ground rules.
-You might have seen my GOAT (greatest of all-time) page. If I change that, their will be a explanation. If LeBron made the top 5, I would write about. He’s not their yet. Especially after what happened in June.

-I like to use analogies.  They provide more explanation.  Who knows what I’ll refer to.

-I can be a homer.  I love all my teams, and defend them profusely, because some of them aren’t very good.

-No, I’m not gonna stop writing over the summer because baseball is on. Baseball was the first sport people wrote about.

-Sorry, I won’t write about golf or tennis.  I pay attention to them, but I don’t watch them. I’m not very knowledgeable on both games.

-Follow us on Twitter!


This is kinda a experiment.  Allow me to adjust and correct any errors I make.
Thanks, hope you enjoy.






12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Hub

  1. S. Frost

    I think this young sports blogger has great potential and look forward to seeing what info he has on the sports scene.

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